Northern Ireland Cat Club Show 14th March 2015

Sandcat was awarded her first Grand Challenge Certificate and another good judge's report.

Ulster Cat Club Show 1st November 2014

This was Sandcat's first attempt at a Grand cert and she was awarded a Reserve Grand Cert. However, as she was beaten by a very nice Cloudborn LaPerm, we certainly did not mind! She received a good write up from her judge, complimenting her particularly on her "really good strong body".

Erin Cat Club Show 6th September 2014

Sandcat earned her third CC from a very particular, experienced judge and became a GCCF champion. Mr Hansson the judge remarked upon her "excellent coat qualities..." and "short wedge with high cheeks" head.

Picture of Cloudborn Amelie Fthreeps during Best in Show judging

Northern Ireland Cat Club Show 1st March 2014

Sandcat won her second CC at this show with her judge Mrs Kaye noting that she was a "lovely, friendly girl who purred all the time". We were extremely pleased that Sandcat went on to be awarded Overall Best Foreign in show, a great honour!

Erin Cat Club Show. 7th September 2013.

I was a little apprehensive about how Sandcat would respond to showing after a very long break since her first show as a baby but I need not have worried. Sandcat loved meeting the visitors to the show and getting stroked. Her judge, Mrs Codd, awarded her a CC and liked her "good short wedge, showing distinct whisker breaks." When chatting to me, she also remarked on Sandcat's desirable wicked expression which I was very pleased about.